Essex Farms Aurobindo Marg

Me and my office colleagues had a plan for a  fun hangout place last weekend, and it was a tough choice, as we planned to go for a karaoke night. One of our friend suggested us that for a group, Essex farms is a nice place to go and hangout at. As we had our office in Okhla, we decided that it won’t be far from office to go there and chill. We left office and reached the place in decent time, keeping in mind the terrible traffic conditions in Delhi.

As I was going to Essex farms for the first time, i was sceptical about the food, environment and overall experience. The most important thing for any place to give a good experience in Delhi, is that it should have decent space for parking. Parking in Delhi  is becoming a big issue these days. Mercifully the parking space in Essex farm was adequate.

Future Bowl Essex Farms

Future Bowl Essex Farms

Our plan was to do bowling and play pool. And indeed when we went inside the place was adequate and nice environment. I would say the cost of bowling was bit expensive as per our budget, but then we had to try it ones for sure, as we were already there. We had a great time playing bowling and then pool, and enjoy some yummy side snacks and later had dinner at the restaurant. The place has games for kids, and elder both and for group it was a great place to hangout. I would love to come here again to Essex farms again in the future.

Inside Future Bowl Esses Farms

Inside Future Bowl Esses Farms


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