DLF Cybercity Gurgaon

One of my friend lives near Sikanderpur metro station. I went to see him yesterday and as usual i had to travel by train and it was not an easy journey. Delhi metro trains are over crowded even it was a weekend afternoon. From Preet Vihar it took 20 mins to reach Ragiv Chowk metro station and then a switch to yellow line towards Huda City Centre took 45 mins to reach sikanderpur metro station. After recalling all the old memories and where we stand in the career, we popped out and went to Sikanderpur Rapid Metro (walking distance from my friends home)

Rapid Metro Sikanderpur Station

Rapid Metro Sikanderpur Station

The station looked brand new, i guess it had been open to public less then few months. I remember watched the news that it will be similar to Delhi metro. Truly from inside it looked very modern and also had a tv screen, which is not available in any Delhi metro as of now. The journey from Sikanderpur Rapid metro station to Vodafone Belvedere Towers station took less then 5 mins and we reached the DLF Cybercity. To my perception, i felt it will be another pile of towers and concrete. I was surprised to see that this cybercity has grown from leaps and bounds and had a nice modern feel to it. The praise won’t come high, i might compare DLF Cybercity to Canary Warf of London. The city was well made and made me a feeling that i am not in gurgaon but strolling around the high street of canary warf.

DLF Cybercity

DLF Cybercity

The city is getting populated with big names already, to name a few KPMG, Deloite, Honda tech, Lufthansa Airlines, Google, Bain and company, Oracle, Accenture had their offices. The biggest attraction to my eyes was how well DLF has catered to the people of Cybercity food and shopping needs in the area. I saw a nice food court, and worth a mention. They had Starbucks, the wine company which is not open in many posh areas of Delhi yet. Truly Gurgaon has grown surprisingly fast and its a phenomenon which has forced and pushed the envelop of growth in the developing India.

DLF cybercity View from terrace

DLF cybercity View from terrace


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