Bengali Market Mandi House

Last weekend we went to Bengali Market. From east Delhi it took around 20 mins. The plan was to have lunch at Bengali Sweet House. I have know this place ever since i was a kid. I used to come her with my family, and loved the “Dahi Bhalla” and “Tandoori Roti” and “Dal Makhani” a lot. For the past 20 years the placed as hardly changed. Few new shops have sprung noticeably Costa Coffee. Having those fond memories it was my visit to this place after a very long time. Also the prices of the food have increased nearly 20 fold. Bengali market has been a culture hub for a very long time, and still is thriving with new generations. The food offered in Bengali sweet varies from north, south indian, Chinese, continental, american, italian pizza’s namkeen, dry fruits. The seating arrangement limited to max 200 people. The restaurant does gets crowded on the weekends, keeping up to its name. The restaurant is open all 7 days. The food is delicious and freshly made. The service is in time and waiters are friendly. The desserts are incredibly tasty and you must have some to treat yourself.

Bengali Sweet House

Bengali Sweet House

Mandi House Market Round About

Mandi House Market Round About

Other old restaurant’s which are famous in the area are “Nathu Sweets”. They offer delicious cakes, bakery products and snacks. The cakes are delicious, and the snacks are mouth watering.

Costa Coffee Tansen Marg

Costa Coffee Tansen Marg


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