Traffic Conditions in Delhi

This post may say a lot about Delhi the good the bad’s. Most importantly i will try to highlight what you might face or experience when you come to Delhi for a business visits, or as a tourist. These are my personal experiences and therefore, not necessarily very accurate.

Delhi is a capital city of India, as we all know. The number of people live here is absolutely staggering. Nearly 20 million people more or less people live here. Delhi is connected to many sub growing cities namely Gaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida. This make the city a very very crowded place. For Instance the the distance between one corner of Delhi to another corner of Delhi is an average 45 km. On a normal day traffic it should take not more then an hour to cross such a distance. at peak times of traffic which is early mornings . The office rush starts by 7 am and stays till 11 am. Literally 40% of Delhi’s cars are on road inching towards the offices, factories and shops etc. Like any other city everyone wants to reach office in time.    Delhi has developed every year, but the road conditions in Delhi has remained same. even if the growth has been going on, the growth rate has been so slow its almost unnoticed by people who live in Delhi and Commute on daily basis.

If we talk about the Delhi Satellite Cities, Gurgaon had rocketing growth and this city is simply untamed in all manners. More then usual 3 lane system, in some highway road, and toll roads thee are more then 6 lanes, still the traffic has grown so astonishingly it is simply unprecedented. Advise – So, if you are planning to to travel to Delhi or any of its satellite cities, be prepared and take a water bottle, well charged mobile phone, and surely internet enabled phone, if you get stuck.